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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8 AM to 4 PM


For enquiries call us on

+234 (903) 000 2766

    School Anthem

Hail Nationbuilders!
Entrenched in Technical Vocational Education Training,
Where we learn job-related skills,
Gain valuable hands-on training
With faith and honesty
We attract opportunities to excel in society.

Hail Nationbuilders!
Sparked in Vocational Innovation
Embraced Technology for development
Transitioning from our training to the workforce
With skills both strong and true
To work and enhance our Homeland
Ensure job security and self-reliance
Service to Nigeria
In Faith, Excellence and Productivity.


All Hail Nationbuilders! All Hail Nationbuilders!!
Pride with faith and Honour
For Excellence and Productivity
And in God we Trust.