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Professional System Maintainance Course

Learn Basic & Professional& Computer Hardware/Software Maintainance

About Course

Computers like many other items require periodic repair to maintain their optimal functioning. Otherwise, they can become slow or even stop operating. With numerous viruses and other security threats prevalent online, there is need to get expert computer repair services whenever our systems encounter serious problems.

Computers can breakdown for various reasons. Systems parts get old and exposure to the elements can speed up their deterioration. Users can be hard on components and abuse them, sometimes out of frustration.

At NABCOTECH, students are taught how to carry out preventive computer maintenance, installation, upgrade and repair of computer systems (hardware and software components), networking (installing and configuring networking equipment like modems and routers) and security (setting up and using anti-virus programs, installing operating systems and carrying out software updates).

At the completion of their programme, students can start and manage computer-based businesses, carry out routine maintenance of computer systems, assemble and install microcomputer systems to mention but a few.

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Course Features

  • Duaration : 10 Hours
  • Leactures : 09
  • Quizzes : 05
  • Students : 30
Price : #50,000 Enroll Now

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